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COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Update: March 23, 2021

Hello friends,

Let me first say how much I appreciate everyone’s cooperation, understanding, and general great attitudes when it comes to the “extra steps” we have taken at Treetop regarding our COVID precautions. All of us here are reminded how fortunate we are to have you as a part of our Treetop family.

In light of the Governor’s recent lifting the state mask mandate, Treetop will still be operating as we have for the past several months. This includes us asking all who enter the office to continue wearing masks. This is a requirement of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

As a reminder, our sanitizing and screening protocols will also remain in place and unchanged for the time being. This includes temperature checks and screenings of all individuals, Treetop team members included.

We all look forward to seeing your uncovered smiles very soon.

– Dr. Brandon 


Things to keep in mind for your visit: 

    Before arriving

  • Please disinfect your hands prior to entering our office.
  • Our restrooms are fully operational, but consider “going” before arriving.
  • Please text when you arrive (we will text you the morning of the appointment)
  • All persons entering our building must complete a short COVID-19 screening questionnaire, we will text you the link to complete upon arrival.

     Upon arrival

  • Masks are required for all persons 10 yrs. old and over.
  • All small toys, books, magazines, iPads have been removed for the time being. ☹
  • When prudent, we will leave doors open to decrease the use of handles as much as possible.  We ask you to please use a paper towel when using door handles, which will be provided upon entering our office.
  • Door handles, counters and other commonly touched items and surfaces will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day.
  • TOYS – pandemic or no pandemic, our friends will always get to choose a prize for coming to see us.  However, we ask that those little hands point, not touch, what they would like to take home and allow one of our team members or a parent to pick it up.  Parents & Guardians, please assist us in enforcing this temporary measure.
  • We utilize electronic signatures via iPads, which are routinely disinfected.  If you are uncomfortable using your finger to sign, we are more than happy to print the document to sign.  If you do not have a personal pen, we can provide a new, unused pen to use and keep.
  • Only one parent/guardian allowed per family. We encourage those with older age children to allow them to come inside without an adult, if comfortable.  Siblings without an appointment are not allowed in the office at this time.
  • Temperatures of ALL persons entering the office will be taken, including parents/guardians.
  • All persons entering our office must be symptom and fever free for a minimum of 48 hrs.

      Also, please note:

  • Treetop team members complete a health screening and temperature check twice daily.
  • Chairs in our “open bay” area are 7ft apart.
  • All team members are masked.
  • We will using “air fist bumps” in lieu of shaking hands……makes sense!


We’re safely seeing new smiles!

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2810 Oak Run Parkway, Suite 300
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